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Címlap in English First aid

First aid

The Hungarian Red Cross first aid courses are primarily tailored for those wo are applying for driving licence. In Hungary during the past twelwe years more than one million people successfully completed a first aid course. In recent years the demand has been growing for first aid courses at the workplace.

Courses for children also proved to be very popular and fruitful. The First Aid training methods have gone through vigorous develpment as the purly theoretical training and examination today has been taken over by more practical approach that is the so called accident simulation training. In this scenario trained personnel imitate the consequences of a possible accident or a sudden illness in realistic venues.

In our country every second Red Cross county branch established first aid teams providing service at various public events. On these occassions we make good publicity and higlight the importance of knowing how to give First Aid. The Heves Branch of the Hungarian Red Cross, following the example of the Somogy Branch, and with a grant provided by the Empress Shoken Fund, started a first aid training program for selected families in faraway villages.

One year of our activities in numbers:
More than 2200 First Aid courses
Nearly 800 courses for drivers
First Aid courses at workplaces
More than 111.000 successful drivers’ examinations
First Aid and accident simulation demonstrations, and further training courses


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