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Címlap in English Blood donation

Blood donation

The Hungarian RC has been involved in blood donor recruitment activities since 1939 and from the year 1993 based on a contract with the National Blood Transfusion Service, recruits over 460000 voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors annually.
More than 500 000 units of blood is necessary to ensure the safe blood supply for the country all over the year. The Hungarian Red Cross organises more than 11000 blood donation events a year. Besides the traditional ways of recruiting, like leaflets, posters and the traditional venues of recruitment such as workplaces, residential areas and institutions have recently been complemented by targeting various leisure time events for both youngsters and the general public.
New TV spots and a good media coverage of events connected to blood donations and the usage of blood have made donor recruitment more efficient, and recruitment by the internet and sms has also significantly increased the number of donors.The first Hungarian mobile unit for blood donation and collection started its operation on 30 August, 2006. The truck was purchased from the German Red Cross by the help of four Hungarian sponsors, who are still supporting its operation. This mobile unit of the Hungarian Red Cross is set up in important places such as busy crossing points, housing estates, and the car parks of shopping centres, where there are a suitable number of potential donors can be approached. The unit’s route can be continuously followed on the website

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