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Címlap in English Act on the Hungarian Red Cross

Act on the Hungarian Red Cross

The Parliament passes the following act of the Hungarian Red Cross and its activities in the spirit of the Geneva Conventions relating to the protection of victims of war of 12 August 1949, its Additional Protocols (I, II) of 8 June 1977 as well as the Statutes of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent  Movement adopted in 1986:

1. § (1) The Hungarian Red Cross (hereinafter called Red Cross), is a national, humanitarian, social organisation and is a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and operates according to the fundamental principles and conditions for recognition of the International Red Cross. 
(2) Other social organisation registered in the Republic of Hungary can not join the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and can not use a designation that would make it possible for it to be mistaken for the Red Cross.
(3) Rules of the organisation and functions of the Red Cross are laid down in the Statutes. The Statutes and amendments thereof are approved by the Congress of the Red Cross.

 2. § (1) The Red Cross – in the sphere of its basic activities – performs the following tasks:
a) in case of war it participates in the rescue of the victims of war, it keeps record of the prisoners of war, it provides information, temporary financial or material aid for the vulnerable and their relatives;
b) in case of a natural or other disaster situation it traces those in need, provides them with temporary aid and legal aid; operates rescue teams for the rescue of victims;
c) operates a Tracing Service for the search of missing persons;
d) through establishing and maintaining temporary shelters and by other means it participates in the relief efforts for assisting refugees and asylum seekers, it facilitates the creation of conditions for their earliest possible return home;
e) through the organisation of health promotion programmes, the creation of a home care service, training for giving first aid and through other available means it contributes to life and health protection;
f) organises the participation of voluntary blood donors in blood donation and participates in the development of the blood supply system;
g) according to demand – in accordance with the Statutes – provides social aid to the vulnerable.
(2) The Red Cross may take on other tasks in its Statutes..

(3) The Red Cross is not entitled to official jurisdiction while carrying out its tasks.


3. § The Red Cross receives subsidies from the budget for the accomplishment of the tasks listed in 2. § (1), as part of its basic activities  (hereinafter called basic tasks), as specified in a separate provision of the law.

 4. § (1) The Red Cross is entitled to tax concessions and tax and stamp-duty exemptions according to the general rules for social organisations. 
(2) The Red Cross is entitled to customs duty exemptions (customs duty concessions) as specified in the provision of the law regulating customs.

(3) Any monetary instruments furthermore any personal or real assets – which have monetary value – without the necessities for any approval of the authorities, is deemed to be an undertaking of an obligation in the public interest.


 5. § (1) The characteristic sign of the Red Cross is a red cross resting on a white background.
(2) The emblem of the Red Cross is red cross resting on a rounded white background with the rounded inscription, "Magyar Vöröskereszt".
(3) The sign and emblem mentioned in paragraphs (1), and (2) respectively, together with the designation, (hereinafter together called emblem) may only be used in times of peace or war, beside the Red Cross, by health formations and institutions specified in international treaties and may only be used for the protection or designation of the staff and equipment of the previously mentioned.
(4) The Red Cross in times of peace, may, exceptionally – for objectives specified in international treaties – allow the use of the emblem, and the use of all signs and designations imitating it, for the use of private individuals or organisations which under paragraph (3) would not be authorised to use it

(5) Use of the emblem apart from the ways specified in paragraphs (3) and (4) constitutes – as specified in a separate provision of the law – a summary offence.


 6. § (1) In relation to questions not regulated in this act, the provision of Act II of 1989, on the right of association, prevail.
(2) The Red Cross is bound to ask for its registration by the Court of the Capital within 60 days of this act coming into force.

7. § This act shall enter into force on the 30th day following its promulgation; at the same time  the Act on the Hungarian Red Cross of 1955/25 and the Act of 1986/26 amending it will lapse.         

       Árpád Göncz                                                  György Szabad
President of the Republic                              President of the Parliament 

(*The Act was adopted on the session of the Parliament held on March 30 1993.)  

Act number 37 of 1994on the amendment of Act number 40 of 1993 on the Hungarian Red Cross* 
1. §  Act number 40 of 1993 § 4 (1) is replaced by the following:            „4. § (1) The Hungarian Red Cross is exempt from payment of tax and stamp-duty.”2. § This act shall enter into force on the day of its promulgation, but its provisions are to be applied from 20 May 2003     

          Árpád Göncz                                             György Szabad

President of the Republic                          President of the Parliament 

(* The Act was adopted on the session of the Parliament held on 6 April 1994.)


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